Property Management Policy Property Management Policy
 The landlord agrees to the followings: 
 1. The landlord will receive specified rental payment from by 10th of every month while the property is rented by the tenant.
 2. When the property is vacated will find the tenant for the property and discuss with the landlord before tenancy agreement is signed with the tenant. 
 3. will use marketing tools to find appropriate tenant and verify their identity and previous record of tenancy.
 4. The landlord pays no fees to for property management but the landlord will allow to set its own rental price for the tenant. 
 5. The term of this agreement between the  landlord and is valid for minimum 2 years. For any change, extension or termination both parties can negotiate at least a year later from the day of existing agreement is signed. 
 6. will manage the property accordingly by inspecting every three months for any damage or repair work which should be carried out by both tenant and landlord under supervision of
 7. will provide conditional customer service to tenant for only minor repair works such as electricity and gas repair or expansion.
 8. The landlord will pay for any major repair work if it is necessary,  SAE pdf files downloads such as water filtering, motor replacement, paints, doors and windows replacement or repair. 
 9. For any urgent repair work, will contact the landlord for approval and the cost of repairing or replacement will be deducted from the rent money payable to the landlord. 
 10. For any major renovation or long-term repair work, the  landlord is required to advise at least 2 months prior to send a notice to the tenant. 
 11. For furnished property, will secure all existing household stuffs on behalf of the landlord. If anything is damaged or lost will notice the tenant to bear the cost.
 12. The landlord will provide best possible safety and security for the tenant at the property and assist to manage the property during the term of agreement.
 13. There might be different and additional conditions on separate agreement with the landlord at the time of signing which is considered as general principles of property management. 

 The tenant agrees to the followings:
 1. Rent payment should be estimated from the  engineer specifications 1st day of a month and rent money must be paid before 10th of each month.
 2. Unless any major repair or renovation work the tenant will bear the expenses of minor repair works and advice    immediately.
 3. For any assistance, the tenant must contact representative not the landlord. The tenant is required not to discuss or disclose rental conditions with the landlord.
 4. reserves the rights to terminate the agreement with the tenant anytime if it is required but the tenant must be notified by representative at least 2 weeks prior of any termination or update on the agreement. 
 5. The term of tenancy agreement is valid for one year and it must be renewed every year in negotiation with 
 6. Rental bond is required as 3 months� rent in advance and this bond money will be refunded conditionally to the tenant at the end of termination unless any deduction related to damage or repair cost to the property or unpaid rent money. 
 7. For furnished property the security bond should be discussed prior  to signing the rental agreement. Full rent money must be paid in advance.
 8. While renting, for any damage or   Sale JIS standards loss of the property must be carried out by the tenant and appropriate charges should be applied. 
 9. Termination by the tenant must be notified to in writing at least a month before. 
 10. Tenant will be required to provide a list of documentationsto verify their identity prior to signing the agreement with
 11. There might be different and additional conditions  IEC codes here on separate agreement with the tenant at the time of signing which is considered as general principles of property management.